Meet Erica

M o t h e r   ·   T e a c h e r   ·   A u t h o r   ·   D e s i g n e r 


Curator of chakra study retreats; gathered over 300 women and men from 42 countries to study one chakra at a time for the past 13 years.

Public speaker, sharing her addiction and healing journey to inspire others to embrace their beauty.

International yoga & meditation teacher; currently offering online Chakra Studies, monthly new workshops,
and more classes on Amsterdam's The House of Yoga, and Rituals.


Graphic designer with over 20 years of experience and graphically laid out Oprah Winfrey’s The Wisdom of Sundays.

Self-published two books, Angelus: experiential chakra workbook, 2020 and Art of Attention, 2013 ranked #1 yoga & design book on Amazon and translated into 6 languages.

Creativity is courage. The world needs more fearless people that can influence all disciplines to challenge their very existence. Creativity is reflection aimed not at yourself, but at the world around you.

J O H N   M A E D A  


M A S T E R Y 

2020 was a year of courageous transition for me. I moved my 2-year-old daughter from Amsterdam to America, where I could build a better life for us. I said a little prayer as I taught my last live class at Delight Yoga's Nieuwe Achtergracht studio on 26 Feb. Little did I know that two weeks after we arrived in the States, COVID would hit. Our timing proved to be Divine. 

Connected back to my roots, I envision 2022 as a year of mastery. As a mother and mentor, I lead by example through teacher enhancement courses and virtual learning journeys. I know that my presence with my daughter is defining true meaning and what matters. And when I mentor I strive for those testimonials that scream, this truly changed my life!

 In 2022, I am launching a new Creative Residency for you. A high-end, high-touch mentoring and support system for emerging creatives from all disciplines.  If you are looking for unconventional ways of dealing with challenges, as well as a community to present your ideas, with full sacred feedback being returned to you, please book a call with me. I could not be more excited and thrilled to speak with you!

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Thank you for reading, and I look forward to connecting with you on this journey towards mastery!

Love, Erica



After holding 15 chakra based retreats around the globe, I began to envision a truly inspiring book. One that compiled my most valuable practices together with visually powerful art by Roos van der Kamp and yoga sequences illustrated with Asanaglyphs! 

Our Kickstarter family raised over $50,000 in 30 days to print, produce and distribute my second book, ANGELUS : an experiential chakra workbook released March 2020. 

Join me as I bring the book to life through Chakra Study zoom sessions. These mini-courses are available now and on-going. Knowledge of the chakra system has taught me how to stop sabotaging my relationships, create my own safety, and program my emotions for the modern-day.


The first chakra studies retreat I held was in Yosemite National Forest, called EARTH: Root Chakra Studies. It was a week-long yoga and creativity retreat that introduced my methodology of combining storytelling, emotionally connected yoga classes, visionary art, and framed nature to inspire spiritual care. To date, I have held a total of 23 retreats and gathered over 300 women and men from over 42 countries to study one chakra at a time. You can learn more about these inspiring retreats, here.




The first and weirdest yoga I ever practiced was Kundalini Yoga. My therapist advised the technology to help me overcome an eating disorder I was suffering from for close to 20 years. Kundalini gave me my first experience of unlimited human potential. Upon completing my first book, I gifted myself a trip to Rishikesh, India to become certified with teacher Gurmukh. It came full circle for me when I realized that Kundalini was considered the science of the chakras. 

After recent devastating news about the lineage and the teacher who taught it, I have separated myself from the brand known as Yogi Bhajan and sought explanations and ways to move forward with the practices I loved, siding more with the medical and psychological studies that prove this science to be highly successful.

Today I offer an Intro to Kundalini course where I poured all my knowledge and creative energy into something beautiful and addressed what I felt was missing from my previous Kundalini experiences. May these practices inspire you to create something elevated too.

Art of Attention

2012 was a year of expansion and transition. I quit my corporate job of 10 years and moved to Oahu, Hawaii to work on my dream project. I was privileged to join forces with enchanting writers, photographers, and teachers on the instructive and inspirational yoga workbook we call Art of Attention. Our passion project later became the #1 ranked yoga & design book on Amazon and is now translated into six languages, including a deck of healing cards. Designing a book where the look and feel are as important as the teachings themselves has brought great depth and reverence to my yoga and communication practice and launched my global teaching career.


Yoga by design + Asanaglyphs©


My preparation for class is very much rooted in the methodology of process design. I begin with an inspiration and proceed with surrendering and reshaping that idea repeatedly in a dance-like sequence using Asanaglyphs©. Asanaglyphs© are simple, symbolic line art that serves as a codification for the progression of poses we flow through throughout the class. A 3-wave grid guides the movement: warm-up wave, peak pose wave, and cool down wave. 

By drawing the sequence out graphically, in the form of a narrative, I see the flow's poetics while seamlessly instructing the class through all touchpoints: verbal cues, hands-on adjustments, music, and themes. 

As teachers and practitioners, we dream of change and being of service. As creatives, we do this through purpose and form. To be a successful creative is to be an effective communicator.