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Workshop One

Tune in with the Adi Mantra : ONG NAMO GURU DEV NAMO, properly and with heart. Bonus practice of Mangala Charn and the Complete Adi Mantra are taught.

Workshop Two

Use longer pauses in combination with energetic holds to break open your DNA and reprogram your emotional responses. Preparation for Deep Meditation Krya.

Workshop Three
Ten Bodies

Kundalini views your being as having Ten Bodies; one physical body, three mental bodies, and six energetic bodies. You do not have to find anything outside of you. Led Ten Bodies Krya.

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Ten Bodies

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Sat Kriya

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This is the beginning of recognizing what is possible for you and your next level of creative energy. 

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This program is designed to introduce beginners to essential Kundalini practices in a workshop setting and for any yoga teacher looking to incorporate Kundalini into their existing classes.

M O N I K A  T S C H U G G N A L L 

This start and courage to share from within (and not what I think others would like or expect) was only possible because I opened up to Kundalini!!! The change within me since I have started with Kundalini is incredible: my marriage is 100x better, all my relationships, I go after my dreams and take action instead of hiding behind my fears... all because I open up, trust, and be guided by this ancient wisdom!!
Thanks for being such a wonderful teacher!!! Can't wait to see you on Wednesday!
Thank you!!!!

C H I A R A    F L I E C C I A 

Thank you so much for sending the printout material and especially for giving this workshop. Today I woke up feeling energized, inspired, and tuned in! I would really like to express my gratitude towards you for doing this work. It really is an honor for me to be able to practice and connect with you even if it's "just" online. Let's keep growing and expanding together. Blessings.

All led practices and mantras taught in this course are illustrated with Asanaglyphs and given to you in a well-designed workbook to keep! 

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"With enough energy in your system, your ten bodies know how to navigate more successfully. Because the ten bodies are naturally attuned to radiance, they will—with the proper energy—instinctively allow your natural skills and intelligence to determine right action and move in it.”


I'll be available to you (text, email, call) for any follow-up questions you may have after watching/learning. Thank you for viewing.
Love, Erica